The Rock Vandal hosts weekly yoga classes and leads private yoga hikes through the hills of Twillingate. She also hosts special events that are either yoga, knitting or street art related. Sometimes she’ll even merge it all, so read on to find out what’s on the go…

                                                             Group Yoga classes:

Hatha Yoga with a meditative focus

Each Monday evening from 7-8.15 pm
Twillingate Elementary School Music Room

Holiday Mondays and snow days excluded: whenever the school is closed, yoga is cancelled too

Single class $15/Every 4th class is Free
Be sure to dress in layers, and bring your yoga mat as well as a scarf or blanket for the final relaxation.

Extra mats can be arranged in advance.
Enquire by email. Drop-ins welcome.

All are welcome.


                                                                           Yoga Hikes:
Practice yoga in Twillingate’s spectacular natural beauty.
$50/person. Group rates and mats available.
Approx 2 hrs in length.
Beginner friendly. Intensity and difficulty negotiable.
Register/enquire by email: 24 hrs notice required

Good time guaranteed!



Yoga on Lower Head trail

Special Events:

Check back soon to hear what the Rock Vandal has up her knitted sleeve! Details to be confirmed but we’re looking at a Knit & Yoga event during deep-winter, likely around March. Contact if interested.