Join us on Sept 23, 2017 at the Unscripted Festival here in Twillingate. The Rock Vandal will be leading the Crafting Digital Art workshop and discussing handcrafted street art as digital art. We’ll also be making our own installation for the festival so you’ll be let in on some crafty street art secrets!

The Rock Vandal is available for hire to lead workshops, as a guest lecturer or as a yoga instructor. Read on to learn about the Yoga & Yarnbomb and the Newfoundland Craft Counsel Workshops or get in touch to discuss alternative opportunities to collaborate.  All programming can be adapted to suit the interests and abilities of the audience. 

The Yoga & Yarnbomb workshop involves a lecture on street arts & crafts and Hatha yoga with a meditative focus. The rest of the of the workshop will be dedicated to planning and creating a community yarnbomb. It is a guaranteed good time, suitable for all ages. Beginner knitting skills required.

The Newfoundland Craft Counsel is a community based workshop where crafters ‘counsel’ with the Rock Vandal and each other about how to uncork their creativity and use craft as a tool for improved well-being and greater engagement with themselves and their communities.


Craftivism is a gentle form of activism and can be used in a variety of ways, including for personal development, political engagement and community expression. This workshop is based on the success of Twillingate’s 2015 Knit and Yoga retreat and aims to bring community members throughout the province together for a day of creativity, wellness and fun.


Previous Rock Vandal craftivism projects, each of which are examples of responses to challenges faced by the community, can be found here and here: And here are a few more examples of Rock Vandal projects that promote mindfulness and stress management through craft and public art.

If you are the scientific sort, there are plenty of articles online detailing the therapeutic benefits of crafting; of course most crafters already know this and probably won’t need Google to remind them but just incase, feel free to take a Gander, Newfoundland.

This workshop includes:

  •  A lecture on craftivism, mindfulness, wellness or stress
  •  Discussion about community concerns and brainstorming a crafted response
  •  A knitting session based on your groups interest
    ie: yarnbombing, crafting for personal development or political expression
  • Training in a crafting meditation
  • Seated or standard Hatha yoga class with meditative focus


Bespoke workshops are also available so be sure to get in touch if you think your group, organization or community would be interested in getting crafty with the Rock Vandal.