A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange

I've got a big idea and I'm hoping it will involve you! Right now, I have a yarnbomb without a home. I knit it in the final stages of the big trip through Thailand and now it's in need of an epic location. While there are plenty of grand spots around Twillingate, I want to … Continue reading A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange


Street Art & Crafts

Knitting is definitely my main craft-squeeze, but every once and awhile I get a hankering for something different. The term 'Street craft' seems to describe my crafting preferences the best. It's a combination of  street-art +craft thus all crafty forms are welcome ie. knitting/embroidery/cross-stitch, all in an urban...or rural art setting.   Looking back through the blog … Continue reading Street Art & Crafts