Interview with Yarn Vandalette

Guys, Im really excited to share this post. An interview is a first for the blog and has been in the making for ages so....drumrrrrrrrroll, please! I met Yarn Vandalette on Instagram, last year. She's a fellow vandal who makes colourful and playful street art in Germany with a crochet hook. In our interview, she … Continue reading Interview with Yarn Vandalette


Knitted String Street Art

This was an experiment with a new yarnbombing style and I am delighted to report, success! I was originally inspired by a tattoo I saw that was one continuous line of ink. Then I stumbled across this drawing that I did a few years ago- inspired by Picasso's pencil drawings where the pencil is never … Continue reading Knitted String Street Art

Life is Shirt…

Truer words can't be embroidered! Do you remember the long days of summer from when you were a kid? What happened to them? As far as I can tell, time is getting faster. Which suggests that time is going to continue to pass faster and faster. Oh my! Anyways, in an effort to slow things … Continue reading Life is Shirt…