If you wanna be hoppy…

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life...there is a science to follow. One of the recommendations from this emerging science is that you prioritize experiences over acquisition of material things. The philosophy being that no matter how badly you want some thing, once you have it, you will want something else. … Continue reading If you wanna be hoppy…


I Heart Thailand

I have been leaving hearts all over Thailand. They have allowed me to express gratitude for the unending warmth and kindness that has been extended during my travels with a symbol that is universally understood, and at the same time communicate my sense of each place. The first one was on Koh Mook, left behind … Continue reading I Heart Thailand

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3 Blind Mice

Deadly Knitshade is my celebrity yarnbomb hero, and while reading her interview in Craftivism I learned that she has a penchant for knitted mice. This information came to my attention awhile ago but only recenly re-surfaced as relevant when a lifestyle change necessitated a serious paring down of my knitting stash (yes, cue the sympathy … Continue reading 3 Blind Mice