Crafting A Mantra: Will Can Do

Wisdom bomb, mantra bomb, craftbomb...I dont know what to call it but I┬álike it! I heard a quote recently about how if you knew how powerful your thoughts were, you'd never have a negative thought again. This newest 'craftbomb' is inspired by this idea. I often use symbols in my crafty street art to spread … Continue reading Crafting A Mantra: Will Can Do

This Knitted Adventure

This knitted adenture began in the fall of 2014, when I read Craftivism, by Betsy Greer and made my first official Yarnbomb. It was a bit pitiful but it ignited joy in my belly each time I passed it. This feeling of joy, sprinkled with a very tame bit of mischief, was something I was … Continue reading This Knitted Adventure