Yarnstorming Montreal

Montreal is a fabulous place, especially for a long weekend celebrating Mother's Day. While touring the city, it was obvious I wasn't the only one who thought it was a perfect destination for a city-escape with the Mama. I've got a well rehearsed vacation itinerary now that can fit almost any destination and when things … Continue reading Yarnstorming Montreal


A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange

I've got a big idea and I'm hoping it will involve you! Right now, I have a yarnbomb without a home. I knit it in the final stages of the big trip through Thailand and now it's in need of an epic location. While there are plenty of grand spots around Twillingate, I want to … Continue reading A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange

Unpacking a Year of Craft & Adventure

I've landed back on my feet in Twillingate, Newfoundland and can't believe more than a year has passed. Thirteen months appears to be precisely long enough for everything to change, while also remaining exactly the same. My pre-adventure yarnbombs tell the tale the best though. They're still braving the North Atlantic elements but have almost all lost their youthful...enthusiasm, … Continue reading Unpacking a Year of Craft & Adventure