If you live north of the 49th parallel, no doubt you celebrated Canada Day. It was the 150th anniversary of Confederation, so kind of a big deal. Newfoundland, being the eastern-most province with the distinction of it's very own time zone, got to kick off the party. In anticipation of the nation-wide celebration, I scoured … Continue reading Canada150


Every day, In every way…

Sometimes I think making crafty street art is a very strange hobby. I spend hours stitching up new projects, display them at home for a couple days and then release them to the wilds. I cant say exactly what drives it all except the desire to surprise and delight. Today though, my crafty street art has … Continue reading Every day, In every way…

Street Art & Crafts

Knitting is definitely my main craft-squeeze, but every once and awhile I get a hankering for something different. The term 'Street craft' seems to describe my crafting preferences the best. It's a combination of  street-art +craft thus all crafty forms are welcome ie. knitting/embroidery/cross-stitch, all in an urban...or rural art setting.   Looking back through the blog … Continue reading Street Art & Crafts