Canada’s Contribution to Yarnbombing

I recently wrote a post about my Five Fave Fibre Artists, and as it turned out, the way I spelled 'fibre' was the only Canadian bit. While away on my big adventure last year, I ran into a few people who knew about yarnbombing and some of them were even able to name their national yarnbomber. This … Continue reading Canada’s Contribution to Yarnbombing

My 5 Fave Fibre Artists

I get pretty excited about knitting. I get especially excited when it's used as street art, and when it's merged with craftivism (craft +activism=craftivism), oh my! But I can also appreciate that some people hear "crafts" and their response is "snore". So, with that idea fuelling the journey. Here is a list of my favourite … Continue reading My 5 Fave Fibre Artists