Homer comes to Newfoundland

I’m sure you heard that the Simpsons came to Canada-and did you hear that they managed to offend all the Newfoundlanders when they did? I had just finished crocheting Homer when the episode dropped and was a bit concerned about the reception he would receive...but that couldn’t stop me from letting him hit the streets … Continue reading Homer comes to Newfoundland

Dilly Doily Day

It’s my first permanent street art in Newfoundland and I tell you all about my inspiration, how to and what I learned from it!

Stencils in the City

Crime Stoppers launched a complete fail of a project in St.John's this summer. The idea was to remind folks of the important and anonymous role they play in keeping their cities safe. In reality though, the posters portrayed St. John's as a dangerous, crime riddled back-alley; not the charming jelly-bean town that Newfoundland tourism has … Continue reading Stencils in the City