My name is Nina Elliott and I am The Rock Vandal!


I make street art and teach yoga in Twillingate…an island, off an island, off the main island of Newfoundland- Canada’s eastern most, island province.


My street art is temporary, positive and typically made from yarn. My yoga practise is meditative and accessible.

5FA72220-AA13-4758-A647-51A02FDCB450In 2016 I took a 13 month adventure through SE Asia, knitting something unique for each country I visited and studying yoga. My love for knit grafitti and meditative movement began long before this though-this is just where it got really fun!

Ultimately, I aim to bring my community together through opportunities for connection, wellness and creativity. I offer this through group yoga classes, workshops, community events and public art. I believe that yoga teaches flexibility of the mind and body, and that the world is our gallery.

Join me in a yoga class, scope out my street art or reach out to discuss collaborations and commissions.

I have designed knitwear for Shorefast Foundations, hosted workshops for Unscripted Digital Arts Festival and made bespoke installations for festivals from St.John’s to Trivento, Italy.

You can keep track of all the happenings by following the blog and connecting through Twitter and Instagram.

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