Where’s Waldo?

News flash: Waldo is very well travelled!

I stitched up a Waldo in April and then sat back and discovered what a beloved character he is!

Waldo is by far my most celebrated yarnbomb to date-and it all kicked off in Hamilton, Ontario.

I installed him on a quick trip in a killer location-right in the arts district of downtown; King & Cannon.

Photo by artist, Aleda O’Connor

Then I brought him back home to Newfoundland and he ended up visiting all the hot spots in Twill-town.

Waldo gets crows nest expresso

Would you believe that I installed him on nine different buildings in town? Including the new Coast Guard building! He was even included in the festival’s scavenger photo hunt.

Along the way Woof, his dog, joined him too!

Woof in St.Johns

Do you recall that there are other Where’s Waldo characters? Well there are…and lots!

Waldo had a dog, and a girlfriend…and an identical twin x-girlfriend too actually, but I’m leaving that story to the tabloids! 😉

Wenda in the city!

It was all very exciting and then to cap it all off, I got news that ‘Waldo goes to work’ was selected to be featured in FiberArtNow!

Waldo working on the side(ing) at Peddle Law

AND that distinction came with a very generous gift from Darn Good Yarn! Holy heck right?! This Yarnbomb has legs! 😉

In the end, Waldo finds himself

Waldo is now safely tucked away in my shed, alongside Homer. Perhaps he’ll make another appearance next summer. Have you got any requests for other characters to join him? If so, I’d love to hear them.

I’d also love to hear about your projects that grew legs! Comment below or show me on Instagram.

-Rock out peeps!