Homer comes to Newfoundland

I’m sure you heard that the Simpsons came to Canada-and did you hear that they managed to offend all the Newfoundlanders when they did?

I had just finished crocheting Homer when the episode dropped and was a bit concerned about the reception he would receive…but that couldn’t stop me from letting him hit the streets of Twillingate!

Of course, Twill received him with open arms and even invited him to the local pub for a craft beer!

You can see my knitted Split Rock growler, made in October 2017 to celebrate their opening getting in on the yarnbombing action!


By the end of the summer Homer had a taste for beer and couldn’t resist a visit to the famous George Street in St.Johns! Can you even say you’ve visited Newfoundland without a pic. on George St.?


 It was a quick trip but definitely a good one. With a cruise ship in the harbour for the day, there were tons of tourists around and as a result I got to see lots of people interacting with him.

Homers home now- chilling with his Duff and donut in the shed. I don’t have any big ideas for his future so let me know if a great one crosses your mind. It would be a shame for him to live out his days tucked away in a suitcase from the 90’s.

In other news, I got a sweet new logo and I’m super pumped about it! I’m also very curious about what you would like to see it on?

Let me know below or hit me up on Insta because that’s where I’ll drop the news of my stickers landing first!

-Rock out

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