Dilly Doily Day

This project was suuuuuper exciting! Mostly because it’s permanent, and I’m always kicking it temporary!

The story begins when I stumbled upon The Ladies Fancywork Society via KnitHacker.

Check out their interview-their art is wildly creative, bold, and large and in charge!

They mainly work with large scale crochet installations (seriously check out their art) but they also use doilies as stencils. I’ve never seen anything like it. My favourite thing they did was this gorgeous multi-coloured, doily-mural…and I had to try it!Ladies Fancywork Society doily mural

Fortunately, I am very well equipped for doily related experiments! So, I pulled 5 onto houla-hoop frames and did a few test runs. Then, using the Yip Yew strategy I got permission from a downtown-Twill wall owner!

With help from a couple friends (a big thanks to Tiff and Doreen) we got to work. I learned a few things:
* Doilies sag when wet
* Rustoleum is my preferred spray paint
* Variety is the spice of doily mural life
* Full coverage requires strategy and technique

*spray painting is FUN

I see the wall multiple times per week and, it’s awesome! It makes me happy each time I see it and I must admit I love its permenance.

And perhaps the best part is the owner is happy too..so no need to paint over it! Phew!

So, there you have it- I totally had a dilly doily day and anyone who visits Twillingate can see the effects foreveeeeer!

I’m starting to think that the more doilies I accumulate the more I’lol come up with to do with them.

Sooo please share this post and your doilies. *If you mail them to Rock Vandal, Twillingate, NL, A0G4M0 they will find me! Thanks in advance! And if you want me to send YOU a doily, check this post out!

-Rock out!

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