Interview with The Ladies Fancywork Society

Yes! Another interview! This time with the fabulous Ladies Fancywork Society!
These chicks are so rad; they’re rocking the funkiest crocheted street art you could ever imagine. In fact, some of it is so funkadelic it‘s totally out of this world!
They’ve gotten themselves tangled up in all kinds of art and lucky for us, they dish all about it right here, so check it out:

Tell us about your group and art 

Our story began in a Petri dish in 2007 when a mad scientist, bent on taking over the world, accidentally created us.

Unbeknownst to him, our hive mind had a plan of it’s own – to cover the streets with rainbow vomit crochet!

Knowing the world couldn’t handle more than four of us, we devoured our creator in one gulp and destroyed the lab.

In the decade plus that has passed since we made our escape, we have honed in our fiber art skills and have grown into a diabolic art hydra capable of putting together large-scale projects, international art shows, and installations.

We are the Ladies Fancywork Society – and we are one of a kind.

We have been making large scale crochet art installations for 12 years now.

We have experimented with various ways to make this happen. Our latest is making huge doilies and using them as stencils to offer a 2d version of our art!

How did you guys link up and get into street art?

We are four whack ass best friends who wanted to bring crochet art to the streets.

We were sick of making hats and gloves and were creatively interested in seeing what the street art world would look like with a touch of fiber.

We very quickly got addicted to our mini rogue installations and kept trying to 1up ourselves.

Which, fast forward a few years, led to large scale crochet murals hanging off the sides of a buildings and other stand alone structures.

How does the creative process work as a group?

We are just one being who split into four for productivity purposes. We call it our hive-mind.

When we are brainstorming, we all talk over each other saying the same thing and making our bat shit crazy ideas come to life.

It’s almost as if the piece is telling us what it is going to be and we happily oblige. 

What piece are you most proud of?

That’s like asking us to choose our favorite child! We have a narrative for all the installations we make.

They start talking to us as we are making them and they develop different personalities.

For the last few years, we have brought creatures to life from the same dimension- so that has been fun to build on annually through our installations at Crush

What’s the dream project?

We want to travel deep inside the pyramids where we find our alien ancestors and make them socks.

How do you promote your work?

We mostly promote our work on Instagram and high fives in the real world! 

 What’s coming up that you’re excited about?

This summer we are space-jam packed with so many fun installations!

One of the ones we are most excited about is creating a new piece for the Center for Visual Arts here in Denver.

They have a show opening in August highlighting collectives. For this exhibition we are bringing a creature into this world that was stuck in the fiber portal, aka “The Yarn Hole” and needed help getting through.

We are also excited to be participating in Crush for our 4th year, an annual street art festival here in Denver. 

What’s something you wish people asked more about regarding your art? 

Often times our creatures arrive into our tiny world, and people never ask enough about them!

Like, Tina is really hungry and her favorite food is cheetos.

And Eye Love you So Much had a lot of seasonal allergies.

Geoge although he really liked attention was actually an introvert. 

What advice do you guys follow or give to inspire your creative quartet?

Some things just happen organically.

Once you let go of the pressure of what you want something to be or the expectations of what you think it should be, it becomes exactly what it is supposed to be.

We have always done exactly the kind of art we wanted to- regardless of outside expectations and the support we have gained from that is incredible.

So if you have a desire or passion, run with it- its worth it. and the best advice we have really, is to just fucking do it.

Make the effort or the leap even if its scary and you don’t know whats going to happen- you do YOU. 

Anything else to share? 

We are BEST friends!  

Tymla doesn’t eat red meat, its not her fault her parents didn’t feed it to her when she was young.

Yes Lauren’s hair is natural. She started going grey at 13.

Jess thinks her hair and skin and lips and eyebrows are all one color- but they are not.

Jesse has A LOT of feelings- enough for all of us! 

Super cool, right? They totally inspired me to grab a can of spray paint and go to town! I literally went to St. John’s and caused a bit of a stir with that can, but that’s a story for another post.
What about you? Have the fabulous Ladies Fancywork Society seeded all sorts of wild and creative ideas in your mind? I suspect they have….so go get your hands into whatever you’re into and be sure to let us know what comes out the other side.
You can comment below or reach out to these rad gals on Instagram and let them know what rock-stars they are. Be sure to follow them to stay up on their art and fired up by their crafty ways!
I am super grateful that they agreed to this interview and for the way they are expanding the universe of fibre-based art.
THANK YOU Ladies Fancywork Society for what you do and for inspiring us all in lands near and far, far away!

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