Interview with IPH.arts

  • Yes! We’re back with another artist interview. Isn’t this just the best? We’re on a proper street art tour of the world! And it’s far from over too.
  • Today, we’re travelling to Cyprus and getting to chat with IPH.Arts. She’s a street artist with a beautiful and unique approach to…Embroidery!

    Check it out. ***************************************

    1. Tell us about yourself and art. 

    I was born in Cyprus and having art classes since I was 8. My father was always an art enthusiast and artist as he was painting for years as a hobby.

    So, I convinced him that art and teaching will fulfill my dreams.  I studied Fine Art in Cantebury, UK and Masters of Art at Kingston University. 

    I got into teaching  when I was quite young while this was my major inspiration and engagement to a whole new world. 

    How did you get started making street art?

    Even though I had been teaching there was a part of me that needed to explore my boundaries as an artist.

    In 2016 after a successful exhibition, I decided to take part at Street Life Festival in Limassol as I believed exposing yourself in public could be a giant step. 

    I have to mention that I was also inspired by another very passionate person and a colleague who has always been a mentor to me until today and helped me getting into the Street Art world in Cyprus. 

    Tell us about your creative process, including how you mount your work.

    I am working with yarn, laces and anything I can embroider on a big scale.

    I am using metallic fence as my canvas and I create my portraits using the idea of stencil as it brings out the features of the faces I choose to create. 

    I then use the crossing pattern to fill the large spaces.

    I can’t reveal all the details πŸ˜…

    So last I stretch my fence on the wall and I complete my piece in public. I usually perform these pieces in front of the audience at different festivals.

    How do you promote your work?

    Festivals are my best promotion as the public interacts and gets the idea of how I am developing my work.

    I LOVE the feeling of performance as I get the best feedback at that moment. Also, people in Cyprus already know my work and recognise its characteristics. I am really excited about that.

    Sometimes social media is a good promotion as people get in touch with me for possible commission works or general interest like you did! πŸ˜‰

    Given how time consuming your art is, what do you consider when pricing your work?

    If it’s something I would sell then I consider mostly the amount of time I spend on the work and definitely if I have already sold anything it has to go for a similar amount. Can’t really say how much exactly. 

    What is your dream project? 
    I LOVE this question! Dream project will be to create  a large embroidery wall abroad and I am hoping this will happen soon πŸ™‚
    What advice or mantra do you keep in mind as an artist?
    Freedom of mind and risk even though I could risk more and try new things. So ‘ I can and I will’ is what I am thinking of every time I start something. 
    What are your top 3 essentials (tools or tips) as an artist?
    My top essentials would be my sketchbook anything that I could write with and a bag to collect things. so nothing necessarily that will help me create my embroidered walls.
    Anything else to share?
    I am also a teacher of Arts which is my full time job. I work at a private school but also have my own students for portfolio preparation. I live to create that’s for sure πŸ˜‰
    She definitely does love to create! How cool is it that she includes performance as a part of her art? I know I’d love to see her make a super detailed, embroidered portrait: And at a festival!? Come on, that sounds like it’s right up my alley! Trip to Cyprus, anybody?

    I also have to acknowledge how great it is to hear her speak to the themes of passion, risk taking and mental freedom. Wouldn’t you say these are the absolute essentials for creative and happy living? I love it!

    Thank you so much IPH.Arts! I’m so grateful that you shared all this with us: and that you share your art with the world and creativity with your students! You are making the wold more beautiful.

    Be sure to follow IPH.Arts online and let her know how rad her embroidery is!

    And until we meet again, keep on making!

    πŸ’• Rock out

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