Top 5 Newfoundland loves…via Street Art

Newfoundland is on everyone’s bucket list. The truth is, you simply can’t see images of Gros Morne or the architecture of Fogo, or hear the buzz around Come From Away and not want to see this incredible island for yourself.

This very well could be Newfoundland…

Newfoundland is absolutely masssssssive though so you won’t be able to take it all in.

That said, there are a few things that connect every soul on this rugged land and I’ve knit them together for everyone’s convenience…ok, well some are knit, some are crocheted and some were assembled with help of Gander’s wonderful thrift store.

Are you ready for the Top 5 Newfoundland loves…via Street Art? I hope so!

5. Chocolate!

Newfoundlanders love their chocolate. Having worked in a hospital for many years I have noticed that there is a clear chocolate hierarchy with Quality Street and Pot of Gold at the top.

Newfoundland is well known for it’s potholes too, so it’s only natural that chocolates and potholes would collide in the form of art! Right?

Well whether it’s natural or not, they did! Feast your eyes upon Potholes of Gold, located just opposite Quality Street!

4. Carnation Milk.

Loves it, Newfoundlanders do!

Newfoundland is the one place where milk in your tea (which is guaranteed to be Tetley) is qualified by ‘fresh’ or ‘tinned’.

If there’s one day that gets everyone out to the shops too- it’s when Carnation milk goes on sale! So keep that mind if you’ve got any kind of time limits for shopping.

3. Mummers.

You’ve got to love Mummer culture! What would you do if masked hooligans knocked on your door late one winters night? Invite them in for a party is Newfoundlands answer!

Mummers Waltz: A collaboration with Mr. Grip$

2. Purity Products.

I ran an informal poll at the post office recently and JamJams emerged as the fan favourite. I’ve got a special place in my heart for Fishermen’s Brewis though. Official recipe here, followed by an essential ingredient which can only be found in the back hills of Twillingate.

1. Newfoundland

If there’s one place that Newfoundlanders love, it’s home! Home is where the Art is for sure!

That’s it! Thanks for checking them all out. Which one do you like best?


I’m pretty excited for the next few posts- I’ve got a couple awesome interviews lined up and am going back to my childhood roots for yarnbombing inspiration! Stay tuned friends and keep your eyes open because this one is gonna MOVE!

Ok I’m off but do hit me up on Instagram and let me know what you’re working on- I love hearing from you!

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