Interview with NeSpoon

Hey! It’s been a while since the last interview with J.Ace from the UK. As a result, I am especially excited about this one. Not only are we back, but we are back with the super-talented NeSpoon!

NeSpoon in an artist based in Poland who works with all sorts of mediums. I thought her focus was centred around street art and lace but learned that she does much, much more both on the streets and in galleries.

This woman is an absolute inspiration for anyone who has multiple interests because she shows that you can do and explore it ALL!

I hope you enjoy this interview.


Tell us about yourself- where you’re from and what you do?

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, Europe and I still live and work there.

I create works that are somewhere in between street art, pottery, painting and sculpture. I make positive art and I deal with positive emotions.

Sometimes, I also comment in my art on social and political issues that I consider important.

How did you get into street art?

I have created art since I can remember, since kindergarden. Initially, it was just regular painting on canvas, then I became interested in pottery.

10 years ago I thought that ceramics can be a great form of street art. In those days no one used this technique on the street.

In the following years, I began to paint murals and to make in-situ installations, like the one I showed during the exhibition in Delhi.

Installation in Delhi: Start India

You work with many mediums- stencils, clay, lace- tell us how this diversity in style developed and evolved.

I use many techniques because I am a very impatient person, I am easily bored, I am constantly looking for new challenges.

I also do video installations, silkscreen, jewelry, sculptures, soon I will do an interactive projects, using augmented reality. 

Do you hand trace and then cut your stencils?

Yes, usually I make everything by hand, no machines are involved in my process.

To design, to draw and to cut the stencil for 200 sq.m wall takes about a week.


Sometimes, when there is no time, I use video projector, but it is rare.


Fill us in on the process for your large scale pieces.

First, I sketch the pattern, then I draw it in the scale of the wall on sheets of paper and I cut it.

Next, I paint the sheets on the wall with spray paint, one after another.


What project are you proud of? 

Most people know me because of my murals and installations, but I do also a lot of gallery projects.

Most important for me is ‘Thoughts’. I started it 6 years ago and I will continue it until 2042. Every year I make 50 kg of porcelain petals, the aim is to make 1500 kg of it.

Thoughts: Porcelain petals

It is very meditative process. In some way, the petals are my materialised thoughts.

The visitors of the gallery can play with the petals, creating distinct sound. If someone is interested in details, my behance profile or my Youtube channel is a good place to visit.

What advice do you wish you were given as an upstart artist?

In my case it would be create an Instagram account! But in general it is: Keep doing and never give up.

FB: NeSpoon PL
IG: nes.poon
YT: NeSpoon


Amazing, right? I love the simple yet powerful advice to just do it, and keep doing it!

Are you feeling inspired? I always step away from these with renewed fire and excitement! That creative energy is one of the many gifts of these interviews.

I’d love to hear from you about these interviews- tell me what you think, like, want more of. And in the mean time, keep pursuing your craft!

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