12 days of Xmas Street Art challenge

Wow! I can’t believe it’s over and that I’ve come out feeling pretty darn good about my crochet skills! In fact, I feel like I’ve just been given the keys to the castle; I’m all amped up with ideas and totally floored by how fast crochet is! So, while the 12 days of Christmas street art challenge is over- I am certainly not done vandalizing the community, or province for that matter!

Take a peek through these pics and see the whole project. It’s a bit of a mishmash that includes all of my favourite things, doilies, past project, upcycled clothes from the thrift store and a big first- a collaboration with another Newfoundland artist! And be sure to let me know your favourites on the comment section below.

So, here we go!

Day 1/12 Days of Christmas in Twillingate Newfoundland

You may recall this beautiful face from the MusicNL installation and this summers emoji install!

Day 2- notice my first tentative step towards crochet (the nose!)

Day 3: Peace on Earth

Day 4- The gift of the Present Moment

Day 5- Here comes Santa Claus….and yes those are real socks!

Cod kissing mistletoe-Day 6. I wonder how many people became Newfoundlanders from this!?

Mummers Waltz inspired by the art of Mr. Grip$

This is my favourite piece- it just worked so well and is so heartwarming . Be sure to check out Mr. Grip$ work to see the inspiration- it’s really quite a good representation!
It’s also holding up really well in our winter winds (+100km/hr) which is great news for future projects involving full outfits!

Banksy inspired New Year Hope

You may recognize elements of this one from the recent auction where a similar Banksy print spontaneously shredded itself! You may also recognize the Fries, Dresses and Gravy dress-back in the mix again!

Day 9- Its the last gingerbread man standing!

Day 10- Oh Christmas Tree on my favourite old house in the cove

Day 11 with the beautiful doily wings!

I love these wings- can’t get enough of them really. I am hoping that I’ll be able to get a few more sets made for this summer too- for sharing!

The amazing ladies at the thrift shop promised to tuck handmade doilies away for me, so if all goes well- perhaps you’ll see a set of Newfoundland doily wings near you sometime soon.

And then we were storm-bound for two days! I sat inside twiddling my crochet hook- just waiting to install my best, most Newfoundlandy, crochet piece yet!

Drumroll plllllease…..Tada!

Day 12/12…a still life from Newfoundland!

So there- the 12 days of Christmas street art challenge has come and gone and I would label it a massive success!

Stay tuned friends- I’ll be coming at you again with more colourful crocheted yarnbombjng goodness in the very near future. And to stay right on top of the Twillingate street art scene or to share what you are working on- find me here!

Peace friends and thanks for your support!

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