Newfoundland Doily Wings

I have a thing for doilys-this is not news. This summer my doily collection reached new heights though, and something had to be done! Truth be told I’ve been collecting doilies for some time and awaiting inspiration…and this summer it finally struck!

Each time I visit a city, I’m always interested in scoping out the street art scene and envious of those who return from city vacations with interactive street art photos, especially those wings you can pose with.  You know the ones? You know the ones!

The most famous photo of Colette Miller’s Angel Wings

After watching Colett Miller’s TED talk about the angel wing phenomenon, first in LA (the city of angels) and then world wide; I was inspired to make my own for Newfoundland & new-found-lands!

Using mostly thrifted and hand crafted doily’s I stitched up my wings and installed them on my favourite, abandoned house in Twillingate. The halo was an essential knitted piece to complete the set, and now I’m realizing, a unique piece to the Newfoundland-doily-wing-pie.


These turned out to be my favourite project of the year, mostly because they’re pretty but also because…

1.They put beautiful old doily’s to new use! The thrift store always has tons of doily’s and you know they were painstakingly made, but what can you do with them? 

Make Doily wings!

Phayln a Twillingate hairdresser-posing with wings & fabulous purple hair!

2. I ended up shipping a set to Denmark, where they were spotted by a very rare bird having a lot of fun! 

Turns out this is the infamous Yarnomaniac prepping for another big What project. If you are scratching your head about what the heck the What project is-check out her recent interview and follow her to find out what she’s up to here. Hint hint, the What project is going on an adventure!

Yarnomaniac having a party with Newfoundland wings in Denmark

3. Occasionally I get word of people posing with them and it makes my heart leap for joy! I love seeing how everyone engages with them.

Mariejo Sofia posing with an open ❤️ in Copenhagen

My goal with street art has always been to surprise and delight those who find my handiwork. Now I realize that creativity begets creativity, so as each person engages with it differently, the fun is paid forwards, backwards and sideways too!

Colette Miller was inspired to paint angel wings, which inspired a worldwide trend that reached Twillingate, Newfoundland. It spread through town and all the way to Copenhagen, inspiring each of us in our own, unique and beautiful way! 

Where Colett’s wings are intended to remind us that we are all Earth Angels. The Newfoundland wings do something similar by reminding me of the unique creative spark that we each contain.

Have you had the chance to pose with any exciting and interactive street art? Do the doily wings say something different to you?

Comment below or hit me up on Insta. I love hearing from you and would be especially deilighted to see you and some fancy street art or creative doily use! #rockvandals

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