Street Art of Twillingate

​I declare this to be the official list of the best street art on the entire island! Twillingate Island that is! Where I am not super familiar with any other street art-hot spots in Newfoundland I am even willing to to suggest that Twillingate is also the provincial capital of street art! Bold, arent I?

You might assume that such an honour would naturally go to St. John’s but I think Twillingate is highly deserving….mainly because St.Johns gets all the awards, and also mainly because of a top secret and highly complex algorithm that ignores my bias, while considering population density, the number of pieces and a number of other factors too complicated to discuss here.

Anyways, moving along to your tour of the very best street art of Twillingate, Newfoundland!


First up, are a few projects I havent shared on the blog before, all in and around  Crow Head. This means you can grab a coffee and treat from the always delicious Crows Nest Cafe and get street art touring fuelled by both caffeine and sugar!


And if youre quite observant, you’ll notice a little fibrefabulousness on their signposted pole. This piece is courtesy of another Canadian vandal, Mo Wren, based in New Brunswick.

Mo Wren has been sharing the lyrics of Imagine across the world in the form of embroidered street art. Holler at her if you find it!

Ok moving along to, Difficult Roads, first installed in May. It’s along my very favourite hiking trail, Lower Head, mid way up a difficult set of stairs. Notice the little iceberg!

Ive been loving hearing from people who find it, saying they got a needed burst of energy from it! Also FYI: this what a nice May Day looks like in Twill.

Next up, Knit Happens:  installed on International Yarnbomb Day (IYD) and Worldwide Knit in Pubic day (WWKIP), June 9th. It marks your turn-off to Lower Head Trail, and can be seen from the main road en route to the Lighthouse. ​Cheeky isnt it? 

Incase you didn’t assume so, IYD and WWKIP are pretty much high holidays for me, thus required celebration in 2016 and 2017….and without further ado, here’s the installation for 2018!

Internt’al Yarnbomb Day & Knit inPublic 2018

No visit to Twillingate island is complete without a jaunt to Back Harbour. Go check it out, ideally for the sunset and bring a snack and a loved one  so you can get a pic with this jem. If you are here for the sunset, this doesn’t leave a lot of time for the rest of the  tour though …so cancel the snack!


The Most Beautiful View…

Making our way back to Twilllingate, we would now find ourselves in the bustling centre of Twillingate-proper.

Here we can find a few installations, including Happy Place, Happy Space. This piece is new to the blog too but is also rather familiar as the frame has been repurposed  from a Christmas Dove and a Moose.  Confused? This will clarify things.


Happy Place, Happy Space

Next up a few small ones to keep an eye out for. Im not going to give it all away in terms of where to find them, only that they are before Tickle Bridge.


The Moustache Man is rather old and faded by now so fyi, even harder to spot!


Ok, so you may have figured out that we are now crossing the bridge so keep an eye peeled for this bad boy-the only cross stitched fence on the island (up by the hospital).

Im thinking you wont be able to miss this one, on the main road/shore and it might be fun to read about it too. What in the world could Jim Carrey have do with it? Well, you’ll just have to read this to find out.

Always Choose Love

Next up is Durrell and my two favourite pieces! This first one is a bit tricky to find; it involves a left turn from the main road, staying close to the water and navigating a possibly harrowing ‘mountain pass’ (Froudes Hill).

The piece is a bit sunbleached now but the message shines through none the less-this is another one that is worth reading about to understand the inspiration and how best to enjoy it.  Hint, it involved confidently stating the mantra 3x with strong belief and emotion!


Everyday & Every way

I have definitely saved the best for last! This is by far my favourite piece on the list and a big inspiration for writing this post. Also, never before seen on the blog this piece is tucked away in sleepy Durrell on Upper Jenkins Cove Road.

It’s made almost entirely from thrift store doily’s (except the top two) and a little knitting halo. Of course it’s inspired by the city-trend of angle wings, originating in LA, but these have a Newfoundland twist!


Rock Vandal Angel Wings


I hope you enjoyed this little trip round Twillingate island. If you have your feet on the ground here in town, I’de love to see your angle (and mug) on these pieces so be sure to tag and share your shots, #rockvandals.


Im on Insta pretty regularly so be sure to connect there and see whats new too because this list is only up to date as of today.   In fact, I have a couple pieces lined up on my floor right now, ready to be installed!

So, you know what that means; tomorrow, i’ll be back to my vandalizing ways unless of course I have the baby who is due TODAY!

Wish me luck and let me know if you have any grand ideas on how to welcome the babe to Twill town, street art style!

xo Rock Vandal

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