A Street Crafters Guide to Gander

I’ve been spending more time than usual in Gander lately and as a result developed a bit of a routine. It all starts with a warm drink and fresh croissant at the Jumping Bean and then a visit to my favourite shop in the whole town, the thrift store.


I suspect that my appetite for thrift store shopping has deep roots in my DNA as a berry-gatherer! Anyways, that’s all to say that I have great patience in scanning and scouring for street art inspiration. You may recall that I have a bit of thing for embroidering messages on shirts and posting them around town. Remember Life is Shirt or Everyday and Everyway?


Life is Shirt

I also have a bit of a thing for doilies. While my fabric doily dreams have yet to be manifested, I know inspiration is coming my way so until then, I’m on the look out.


Wheatpasted paper doily and embroidered message of encouragement

Once I’ve assessed all the sparkly sweaters and sized up the doily options I head over to Walmart. This is definitely not my favourite shop, but it is where I can be sure to find whatever I currently fancy….staple-gun, creative journal, embroidery thread, snacks. These are all essential tools in my current street-crafting kit. I dont think I’ve gushed at all about my new staple gun so let me tell you, that thing is the bomb. Total game changer!

Gander’s not a big place so it’s a short tour but alas not quite over yet! Previous trips to the G-town thrift store have proved fruitful and inspiration has struck. As a result on my last trip, I installed Love Thy Selfie and got to use my handy new staple gun. So, for a limited time while in Gander you too can partake in the fun of street art! In fact this could be the only street art in Gander…not sure but pretty sure. Let me know if you know, will ya? Actually this could still be on the go.


Ok back to it. Love Thy Selfie has taken up a bold new residence right outside the main doors of Gander Collegiate. You never know how people will interpret your art but my hope is to seed ideas of self love and kindness in the virtual world. Teens in particular need this message but the truth is we could all use a gentle reminder to look kindly upon ourselves and others. So, if you are far far away hopefully this can be that reminder for you and if you in G-town, well now you know exactly where to find that message when needed.


If you do stumble upon it/search it out in earnest be sure to snap a selfie and find me online to share using #rockvandals. I totally love releasing my street art to the wilds but especially love reconnecting with it through you. In fact, a highlight from this week has been hearing from two people who’ve found my art in various places! Thanks guys, if you’re reading!

So there you have it, my good time guide to Gander! How do you fill a day in a new place? Some might even think the better question is how do you take yourself on an artist’s date when you have the chance? Fill me in via the comment section below or find me on Insta and Twitter to have a yack!

3 thoughts on “A Street Crafters Guide to Gander

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Oh, how cool to get to see a bit further afield in Newfoundland! And you can’t beat a trip to a good thrift store 😀 Your latest piece has such a great message too, and I think you’ve chosen the perfect place to display it. Thanks for sharing, Nina!

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