Knitted String Street Art

This was an experiment with a new yarnbombing style and I am delighted to report, success!

I was originally inspired by a tattoo I saw that was one continuous line of ink. Then I stumbled across this drawing that I did a few years ago- inspired by Picasso’s pencil drawings where the pencil is never lifted.

There must have been one other source of inspiration too though, because they say it takes atleast three strikes to seed action. In which case, I’ll credit the string artists of Instagram!

My original intention was to make a cat, but that seemed a bit too Halloweeney for December so I started moving the shape around on my floor and realized that with enough i-cord, I could make anything! This is where I started to get really excited because being able to knit anything is my ultimate goal. I know anything is rather lofty but this new style does open a whole lot of doors!

So, this piece is composed of about twelve feet of 100% Canadian wool, Briggs and Little to be exact, stitched into an i-c0rd loop; as well as one piece of knitted holly and berries. I ‘winged’ the berries (excuse the pun) but credit must go to Lesley Arnold-Hopkins for the free holly pattern (thank you for your generosity)!

I assembled it on my living room floor and snapped a pic so I could replicate the proportions at installation. This turned out to be easier than expected as the holly was about the size of the beak. So with the holly as my guide and beak as my starting point, I was all set to tack up…The Dove. 

The whole affair took 10 minutes. It can be found ‘downtown’ Twillingate, across from the post office. If you do stumble upon it, snap a pic and share it with me online #rockvandals. I love, love, love when you share with me and your friends!

For the rest of you, in lands far, far away-I scoped out a new sweet spot, again in downtown Twill, that’s in need of some colour and life.  So, given my ambitious ambitions of being able to knit anything, do you have any knitted suggestions for my next project? 

I can’t wait to hear from you! Comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Insta with your brilliant ideas…Ill be holding my breath!

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