The Great Doily Paste up

My goodness, what a hiatus! Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I havent out ‘vandalizing’ the neighbourhood though. While knitting is typically my main craft squeeze, this has been the summer of embroidery.

While, I haven’t made a new yarn-bomb since International Yarn-bomb Day,  I have been embroidering up a crafty street-art storm!

I like embroidery because its fast and an easy medium to communicate with. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with what can be embroidered, and discovered that it’s not just for cloth. You can rock embroidery with paper too!

IMG_1533Somewhere along the way, the summer of embroidery started to evolve into the season of wheatpaste. And let me tell you, wheatpaste season is fun!

Wheatpaste is super impressive in it’s simplicity. I was initially drawn to it because it’s biodegradable and easily made at home, and I have continued using it because of it’s very surprising longevity and how cool it looks.


Listen to your Art

You are probably familiar with it too, but perhaps you know it as paper mâché glue. I’m looking back at the summer and realizing what an incredibly productive season it’s been for Twillingate’s crafty street art ‘scene’!

Check it out.


Are you waiting for a sign?

I installed the first doily, on a rock wall in late July so have had two months to watch over the doily lifespan.

These doilies are all literally, paper-thin and they adhere beautifully, through Newfoundland’s (still dramatic) summer weather for just over two weeks.


Newfoundland or Greece?

After two weeks, they do start to show some signs of age but remain looking very good for 4-5 weeks. Sorry, no photos of old doilies here-these puppies are all fresh.


My contribution to Twill’s Fish, Fun & Folk Festival promotion

I keep reminding myself that this is paper and thread, adhering to rock with a flour, sugar and water mixture and bearing the great outdoors for weeks! Amazing.

From what I’ve read, it also works on wood and metal surfaces too-the smoother the better. Of course, being in Newfoundland, I’ve been ‘sticking’ mostly to rock.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here’s the info-graphic that started it all. I’d love to hear whether anyone else out there has ever played with wheatpaste or how you’ve been shaking things up creatively lately?

If you’d like to try your hand at wheatpaste, pop over to my Instagram account because I’m planning on making some to share with y’all!


I can’t offer to share without a disclaimer though. Please note the warning of legal risk mentioned above and always be respectful and conscientious when engaging in street art. I’ve shared this post on the Ethics of Yarnbombing before, but it’s worth sharing again as the same principles apply.

Ok, that’s it for now. Dont forget to fill us in on how your crafty adventure is playing out in the comment section below.

Craft well, be well.

-Rock Vandal

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