Recycling Yarnbombs

I just realized that I can squeeze more joy from a yarnbomb if I make it, install it and then take it down and re-install it somewhere else! Genius! This summer I’ve had the opportunity to re-use two yarnbombs and so I’m writing today about how good it is to reimagine the yarnbomb for double and maybe even triple use!

In the past, I would make my lovely yarnbombs, install them and then leave them to be enjoyed indefinitely/until they were ravaged by the elements. This worked but now I like the idea of putting things up for a peak, window of enjoyment and then removing it while it still has some oomf. This way I can reuse it and get a little more fun from those many knitted hours!


The Rock Vandals first 3D Yarnbomb

One of my very first yarnbombs was How D’Vine. It was a long knitted flower vine that appeared on Blue Monday 2014 at the Twillingate post office and stayed there until it was bleached by the sun and real flowers were growing in town.

Initially it was relegated to the basement but made a triumphant return to the light when I found a wreath that needed a facelift and a shed that needed some love last month.


How D’Vine in wreath form

The 2nd yarnbomb revival was with the Old Manolis and the Sea starfish. This was a massive project, with lots of community participation so I’m really happy that I was able to re-use some of these. Originally, I had 40 hand-knit starfish decorating Tickle Bridge in Twillingate-all drawing attention to a sunken paper carrier leaking oil near our shores.


Old Manolis & the Sea: a community yarnbomb

This project was actually my first big craftivism project and is now on it’s 3rd life cycle. Do you remember when I installed starfish on Signal Hill in St.John’s? Well, they were removed and mailed back to me by kind goverment officials, which then allowed them to be installed in Ottawa!


Old Manolis & the Sea: St.John’s

Anyways, they’re back in Twillingate now on the main drag. Just outside the beautiful, Sunshine Art Gallery and shop.


Old Manolis & the Sea: Twillingate revival

It’s fun re-installing knitting! It helps me appreciate all the work that originally went into each project and of course, it’s nice to bring a bit of fun and whimsy to town. If you are in the area, definetly pop by and let us know what you think via the blog or through Twitter or Instagram.


Twillingate, Old Manolis & the Sea: 2017

And for everyone else, how do you make sure to appreciate your previous works? Or do you think like me, where it’s with typical thoughts of: On to the next one!?

I love hearing from you so be sure to reach out by commenting below or linking up through social media!

-Knit well, be well

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