If you live north of the 49th parallel, no doubt you celebrated Canada Day. It was the 150th anniversary of Confederation, so kind of a big deal. Newfoundland, being the eastern-most province with the distinction of it’s very own time zone, got to kick off the party.

In anticipation of the nation-wide celebration, I scoured the Internet in search of a 3D, knitted maple leaf pattern but was unsuccessful. There definitely are some amazing options out there, my favourite being in shawl form, but none fit my criteria.

So, I did what I always do when in need of inspiration-I hit the dollar store and found felt.

IMG_1865I cut it and stitched it with ‘Canada150’, glued it to an extra panel from the Chillingate days and more felt, and before long I had a Canada150 yarnbomb. Just because it’s July does not guarantee hot weather in Newfoundland so when the day dawned foggy and cold I was ready (note my wooly socks & leg warmers). Any chance the grey-day made the yarnbomb pop that much more?

IMG_1507It was up for three days on my favourite place to yarnbomb in Twill, before I squirrelled it away safely to my house. It’s not done though, in fact it’s just getting started. It’s now off to meet another Canadian yarnbomber!

Remember when I wrote about Canada’s contribution to yarnbombing and said I couldnt find any other active, Canuck- bombers? Well, it turns out there is atleast one more and they’re planning a big event this summer.

Sue Sturdy is organizing a yarnbomb flotilla down the Grand River in Ontario in celebration of Canada being 150, as well as the region’s arts fund and textile history. The plan is threefold: first to launch 150 canoes and 15 kayaks all dressed in sweaters, then repurpose the knits into public art and then reuse it again by turning it into useful woollies that can benefit the community.

Sue aims to make art that inspires participation and displays ‘unprecedented community spirit’ and guess what? She’s done it before, yarnbombing a huge bridge! She’s got a connection to Twill too- a close friend of her’s was at our Knit in Public day event. Just her motivation is reason enough for me-I love the idea of a huge, community knitted-art event!

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Sue is collecting all sorts of donations so be sure to reach out to her if you are interested. Here’s what she had to say about what type of woolly donations she’s after:

Anything would be great, but I will be also needing pieces about 12 to 18″ wide by 8 foot lengths. They could be used for scarves later and we need 32feet around the canoe.

This is quite the project, so help is required. It’s not until September, so there’s still lots of time to whip something up if you are so inclined. I am really looking forward to seeing the final results-while keeping an eye out for the Rock Vandals donation which I’ll be mailing off this week.


If you’ve got a wide knit-work of crafty friends, please share this post; both Sue and I would be super grateful for your help in spreading the word.

And for the rest of you, I’de love to hear what your biggest and wildest yarnbombing dreams would be? Mine would definitely include a string of communities and perhaps a moving, living installation! Let me know about yours by commenting below or reaching out through twitter and Instagram. By now, you knows I love hearing from you!

-knit well, be well

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