Every day, In every way…

Sometimes I think making crafty street art is a very strange hobby. I spend hours stitching up new projects, display them at home for a couple days and then release them to the wilds. I cant say exactly what drives it all except the desire to surprise and delight. Today though, my crafty street art has purpose, and that is to surprise, delight and conduct a scientific experiment!

Somewhere in Thailand I realized the great potential of street art to communicate ideas about anything and everything, but ideas around wellness are what got me excited. Do you remember the Hoppiness Frog and when I craft-bombed my spouse with his mantra, Will Can Do?


How to keep a mantra in mind…

I have long been fascinated by the idea of using Positive Psychology and loving self talk to promote an optimal state of being. And of course, my crafty street art provides a fun and unique way to think about and then share these ideas with everyone (and their dog).

I came across this affirmation while reading a book by Tony Robbins and it took me aback. It’s such a powerful idea that it could almost be frightening to engage with. The flip side is, by engaging with it, I allow myself to take on an attitude of continual growth and development-which is essential in setting goals and dealing with setbacks.


Every day in everyway, this street art came together

This mantra is actually ascribed to Emile Coue, a psychologist and pharmacist who ‘prescribed’ it, as a form of auto-suggestion, to clients in the early 1900’s to promote self healing. He believed that a daily, twenty minute regiment repeating this mantra, combined with medication, could dramatically improve physical and mental ailments. Proponents of the field of Positive Psychology would take this a step further and suggest that it’s a strategy to promote not just healing, but flourishing!

The theory behind both schools of thought is that any idea that exclusively occupies the mind turns to reality. I love this stuff and figure that regardless of whether it’s  proven to the highest of scientific standards, it’s fun to think about.


Proof that ideas that dominate the mind do turn to reality!

That said, I’ve decided to run my own, Twillingate-based experiment to get to the bottom of this. What do you think? Would your thoughts and belief about yourself change if you repeated this to youself each day? Could it then result in a quantifiable improvement in your health and well-being?


Every day, in Every way, I am getting Better and Better!

This crafty street art is placed at the top of the hill connecting Twillingate and Durrell. It overlooks the harbour and Twill-town and given the amazing vista, is a popular walking route. I’ve changed my commute to pass it each morning, and must admit, feel wonderful while repeating it with emotional intensity the rest of my drive!


IMG_1807It’s only been up a week now, so I can’t officially comment on it’s effects but so far, it’s looking very positive!

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