Knitting in Public

As widely announced, June is my very favourite month. This is because there are a number of ‘days’ relevant to being a ‘knitting, street-crafter living on the edge of Earth’ worth celebrating. This past week saw World Oceans Day, World Wide Knit in Public Day and International Yarnbomb Day. So, obviously I had to get out and make some noise about it all!

Twillingate has the highest ratio of yarnbombs/capita in the province and this is all due to highly committed gang activity in 2015-16. We haven’t knit together since I returned from my travels though, so it was high time to call the gang back together.


Remember Chillingate: The biggest yarnbomb in Newfoundland history!

Eighteen of us gathered at the Captain’s Pub for a knit along and it was wonderful. We were one of over 1000 groups who got together worldwide to knit in public, and were even joined by a couple tourists who happened upon us and had their needles!

I spent the time working on the final rows of my Yarnbomb Giveaway-which I am very pleased to announce will go to…drumrolll please…Zsa Zsa from Yellow Springs, Ohio! Yay, congrats! I’ll be sending you knitting very, very soon.


The beginning of the Yarnbomb Giveaway…which I started in November from Thailand!

That same evening I installed my latest yarnbomb which is highly inspired by my yarn-graffiti-idol London Kaye. London uses crochet and makes large scale installations that interact with the environment so the illusion of yarn pouring from the spout is inspired by her work. But, of course I made it relevant to my environment in icey Newfoundland.



As you may know, Twillingate is considered the iceberg capital of the world which means we are pretty much surrounded by ice year round- but for short window in the summer during breakup.

I have heard stories of seals and even polar bears ending up in town, carried to shore on icepans. Despite having lived here for almost four years I still haven’t seen either one. I should mention I am only really hoping to come across a seal, though a polar bear would be nice from a safe distance.


So, given all these factors, street crafter +4 yrs+no seal sightings+IYBD…this yarnbomb was my solution! Behold, my Atlantic-Sea-themed yarnbomb intended to celebrate World Ocean’s Day and International Yarnbomb Day, and coinciding with Worldwide Knit in Public Day.


It involves a doily from the local thrift shop, a seal pattern from Fuzzy Mitten, inspiration from London Kaye and my imagination for the rest. I even had to learn how to crochet a bit for it! I intended to use glue but wanted to keep it entirely ‘temporary’ so secured it with tacks to an old door I found on the beach and tied the rest of it together with yarn.


Sadly, at writing, this yarnbomb has already been removed thus winning it the title of shortest Rock Vandal yarnbomb lifespan ever! It’s too bad, but it is in keeping with seals being very elusive beings around here.

Anybody else get super pumped for Knit in Public or International Yarnbomb Day? What did you do? Who pulled out an old, abandoned project?  My Instagram was entirely filled with knitting that day and I loved it! Comment below and fill me in what you were getting up to!



8 thoughts on “Knitting in Public

  1. Susanne says:

    Sad that it got removed, but glad that you were at least able to capture some great pictures beforehand!

    Surprisingly enough, I did not know that Twillingate is considered the iceberg capital of the world! Over here on the Western side of Canada I find that we don’t hear very much at all about our Eastern provinces – Newfoundland as a whole just seems like a very mysterious, far off land to me so its nice to know a fellow knitter who actually lives there :).

    Sounds like you had an incredible WWKIP day! Mine was pretty fun too – no yarnbomb installations, but a nice sunny day spent knitting outside and watching the Nanaimo Pride Parade go by :).


    • The Rock Vandal says:

      Hey Sus, yes I would think most people would agree that Newfoundland is a mysterious island, far far away! 🙂 It is a bit of a shame that the knitting got removed, but I’ve been so lucky with every other piece that I figure it’s only fair. Isn’t it cool that knitters all over the world were out celebrating in public? I love it! Sounds like a wonderful time was had in Nanaimo

      Liked by 1 person

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