A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange

IMG_1423I’ve got a big idea and I’m hoping it will involve you!

Right now, I have a yarnbomb without a home. I knit it in the final stages of the big trip through Thailand and now it’s in need of an epic location.

While there are plenty of grand spots around Twillingate, I want to get you involved and see where it ends up.

The Rock Vandals following has risen to over 200 lately too, so I figure celebration is definitely in order.

And what better way to celebrate, than with a yarnbomb giveaway?


My backpacking yarnbombing kit featuring the yarnbomb up for grabs!

So, here’s the idea: comment below and let me know ‘where you’re to’.

On International Yarnbomb Day, June 11, I’ll draw a name and mail off a yarnbomb!

In return, I’ll ask you to install it, send back a few pics and tell me all about the fun.

I’m also interested in getting an International Yarnbomb Exchange on the go. This idea is in its infancy though, so if it sounds like your idea of a good time, hit me up and lets start a yarnstorm-brainstorm.

For the record, these ideas are open to international, Canadian and even Twillingate-based gangsters alike. The more the merrier really, so comment below and feel free to pass this post along to your (street-) crafty friends.

Looking forward to hearing from y’all!

Knit well, Be well.

7 thoughts on “A Yarnbomb Giveaway & Exchange

  1. Zsa Zsa says:

    This sounds like fun!
    I’m in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. The village is crazy for yarnbombing — that’s one of the reasons I wanted to live here.
    I’ve been scouting locations for this year’s International Yarnbombing Day and it’d be great to put yours up!

    Liked by 1 person

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