Street Art & Crafts

Knitting is definitely my main craft-squeeze, but every once and awhile I get a hankering for something different.

The term ‘Street craft’ seems to describe my crafting preferences the best. It’s a combination of  street-art +craft thus all crafty forms are welcome ie. knitting/embroidery/cross-stitch, all in an urban…or rural art setting.


Looking back through the blog archives, I am reminded of some awesome, early projects and suspect that compiling them in one post will paint an entertaining picture of what street-craft is, Rock Vandals style!


Rock Vandals: Guerilla art & Street craft

Here are a few of my favourite projects from the past; some of which are solo projects, some of which come from the gang. Perhaps they will inspire you to get involved in this highly accessible and playful form of street-art or make you look around your own community differently. Whatever the case definitely let us know what you think by commenting below or reaching out through social media. Hearing from you is a big part of the fun!

Here we go:

1) 0 Lives Remaining: This was a very cool project by Tronon&on intended to comment on the preciousness of life. It also stokes the ultimate question relating to what lies beyond! The crafty component of this project was donated (as a set of 5 no less) by Knit2, the very first Rock Vandals gang member.

I take my knitted hat off to both of these amazing gangsters!


0 Lives Remaining

2) Art abandonment is where art is made and then left in public for strangers to take. Mo Wren is a New Brunswick based artist and RV-gang member who’s very into this form of street craft.

She participated generously in the Old Manolis & the Sea campaign by creating the zine, spearheading an installation in Canada’s capital city AND knitting multiple starfish, one of which she left for a stranger at the Aquarium du Québec.

Old Manolis and the Sea Zine

Old Manolis & the Sea zine

3) Sticker Letters open up all sorts of potential project ideas. They are clean and official looking so this can make them extra fun to use. Here are a couple examples where I used sticker letters in rural street art. For what its worth, I also found them incredibly useful around the house!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4) Embroidered Messages: I love embroidery for its simplicity and portability, and the fact that it takes so well to signposting. I recently learned how to incorporate messages right into my knitting, but I still prefer the ‘handwritten’ look of embroidery. Here are a few examples where I’ve used embroidery to spread positive messages on shirts and telephone poles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5) Cross Stitched fence H’art: This project remains a highlight in terms of installation-bliss! It was my first and only attempt at cross stitch. I used parachute cord and one year on, this piece has weathered the North Atlantic storms very well. It’s the only surviving piece of this post’s collection thus still available for Twillingate-based selfies. If you want to pose with some really impressive embroidered street craft though, you’ll have to make your way to Germany to see Miss Cross Stitch‘s work.


5) Leafy Encouragement: This project was so simple and allowed multiple opportunties to be punny; this is excellent squared in my books!


Leafy Advice

6) Potholes of Gold: Pothole season hit Twillingate hard in 2015 and as a result it inspired creative-action. I cant say for sure, but I can say for ‘pretty sure’ that that summers ensueing road repairs were a direct result of the Rock Vandals glittery protest. Pothole art is a mischievous form of street craft but also one that requires special attention to safety. Be especially cautious if playing in the streets, my friends!


Pothole of Gold

So there you have it: Street craft Rock Vandals style! Perhaps next time, ill round up some knitting to include in the fun!

Knit well, Be well.

4 thoughts on “Street Art & Crafts

  1. Susanne says:

    I love your creative spirit! What amazing ideas and projects you have going on, this is definitely inspiring me to go out and take action in my own community through craftivism! Soon .. soon 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    I so enjoyed this street craft retrospective… The pothole of gold is a great idea, and the “Old Manolis and the Sea” zine was really cool! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Miss Cross Stitch as well, I loved looking through some of her pieces. Happy street crafting! 😀


  3. mo wren says:

    What fun projects! Street art is such a neat way to reach out to society with messages that challenge the status quo and get people thinking. Privacy’s gravesite has always been one of my favourites!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Rock Vandal says:

      Hey Mo, Thanks for your comment! You are so right. Street art is a completely unique communication tool that’s just so fun to try to wrap your head around. Here Lies Privacy is one of my favourites too…she’s dark though!


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