My 5 Fave Fibre Artists

I get pretty excited about knitting. I get especially excited when it’s used as street art, and when it’s merged with craftivism (craft +activism=craftivism), oh my! But I can also appreciate that some people hear “crafts” and their response is “snore”.

So, with that idea fuelling the journey. Here is a list of my favourite knitters and crocheters who are kicking butt and  being awesome by putting their art out there!

1. Magda Sayeg is considered the mother of yarnbombing. She travels far and wide to create colourful, fun yarn encasings for objects as big as buses! She began by knitting a door handle cozy but ultimately awakened knitters to the joy of yarnbombing. Thanks Magda, I owe you one! You can hear her talk about her journey and yarnbombing in general in her Ted Talk.


Magda yarnbombing the NonViolence statue in Sweden

2 .Deadly Knitshade is credited with starting the UKs graffiti knitting movement and happens to be my personal knitting hero. Her style is unique because she uses 3D knits to create a story or dialogue. She’s also credited with coining the less aggressive term ‘yarnstorm’ in place of yarnbomb. She’s written multiple books with London and New York City centric knitting patterns…think Statue of Liberty & the Queens Corgis.


‘Plarchie’ was knit with plastic bags for the Natural History Museum by Deadly K.

Another major player is Yarnbomber. This is an all around, high achieving human who uses yarnbombs to draw people to nature. His large scale installations in the mountains of California are temporary and pre-approved by the US Forest Service. He’s received contributions to his projects from 656 people in 41 different countries and holds the world record for making the biggest Granny Square! As if that wasnt enough, he also does a seriously amazing yarnbombing-podcast. This is absolutely worth checking out as he interview all sorts of incredible yarn bombers


One of Yarnbombers Alien Campsite aliens from 2015

London Kaye according to Conde Nast Traveller, is the one to watch. She must not stop crocheting because she is constantly putting up new, imaginative street-art. She was even commissioned to crochet a billboard that was up in Times Square! If I could ask her one thing, it would definetly be how do you install on concrete walls? I cant ‘wrap’ my heard around this one, so be sure to tell me if you know the answer. FYI: The whale at the top of this post is hers too-gorgeous!


London Kaye’s magic mermaid

Olek is another totally rad chick. She encases objects/houses/people (everything) in yarn, bucks the title of yarnbomber, and uses her crocheted-art to promote discussions of social significance. The most gorgeous of photo shoots occurred when she crocheted pieces in an underwater park in Mexico to make a statement about declining whale shark populations. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.


Olek just chilling

So, on a scale of Snore to Score! How excited to do you feel about knitting and crochet now? Let me know in the comment section below or reach out on social media. I love hearing from you and of course want to know which fiber artists inspire you the most.

I’de be grateful if you shared this post with your crafty friends too. The bigger the gang, the bigger the projects we can tackle-and you knows I’ve got something fun up my knitted sleeve!

5 thoughts on “My 5 Fave Fibre Artists

  1. Susanne says:

    I love this!!! I can’t believe what a rich and vibrant yarnbombing community is out there, it’s so much fun to hear about this! Man, I really need to get started on my yarnbombing now – this is just too much inspiration! Thanks for putting new ideas into my head – I loved seeing the last picture of Olek – that space just looks amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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