Unpacking a Year of Craft & Adventure

I’ve landed back on my feet in Twillingate, Newfoundland and can’t believe more than a year has passed. Thirteen months appears to be precisely long enough for everything to change, while also remaining exactly the same. My pre-adventure yarnbombs tell the tale the best though. They’re still braving the North Atlantic elements but have almost all lost their youthful…enthusiasm, shall we say?


Shine on, Newfoundland sun. Shine on

The spectacular vistas that abound here make a dramatic background for adventures in street-craft; as a result I’m starting to get antsy to make some. But, before the next leg of this adventure begins, I need to unpack the last one and this involves two steps.


Backpack crafting travel-kit

Step one is unpacking my backpack crafting kit. I used my smallest packing cube as the ‘kit’ and this is what I kept inside:

1 pair of double pointed needles
1 stitch counter
2 darning needles
1 stitch holder
tiny sewing kit
embroidery needles and black thread
*safety pins and tags (not pictured)

Would you believe that’s all I needed to knit a yarnbomb for each country I visited in SE Asia last year?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With regards to yarn, I brought one large skein of pink yarn and a tiny ball of grey. I picked up two skiens in my travels, one blue and one green. I also carried a journal everywhere, marking down crafting ideas that my travel kit couldn’t accommodate. This trove of ideas makes re-uniting with my yarn stash all the more exciting!


The Deadly Pipe Sucker

Step two, is removing some old eye sores.

First up is the Deadly Pipe Sucker. Given it’s proximity to the hospital entrance, I never expected this one to last. In the end, it thrived and survived for 2 years and three months.RIPDPS.

Also still ‘hanging in there’ are three stop sign flowers, the All U Knit is Love post, as well as a couple early projects that precede the site.  By far, the cross stitched fence art/heart  weathered the storms the best.  As a result, it is the one piece that will live to see another season. So, if you are in Twillingate or planning a visit, keep an eye out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My return to Twillingate has taught me a few practical lessons about the street arts & crafts scene:

1. Parachute chord ages really well
2. Smaller yarnbombs age better than big ones
3. Removing your work is your responsibility-amazingly, no one seems to have even touched it while I was away!
4. Nothing lasts forever, especially temporary street art
5.  Terminating a yarnbomb is hard but necessary
6. Street arts & crafts can be surprisingly resilient

Have you had a chance to ‘unpack’ 2016 yet? What practical lessons did you learn? Did you find that you too need to get rid of the old to make room for the new?

I love hearing from you so be sure to comment below or reach out on social media, just to say hey or to share what crafty mischief you’re getting up to. Im on both Twitter and Instagram and always happy to yarn-on about yarn!

I’d also be really greateful if you shared this post with your crafty friends. I figure the bigger the ‘gang’, the bigger the projects we can tackle together. So, please share and lets get to the business of getting to know one another!

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