Top 5 Reasons to Make a Yarnbomb Today

There’s not much need for an introduction as the title covers it pretty well, so without further ado, here are my top five reasons to make a yarnbomb today

1. Fun

Yarnbombs are good clean fun and everybody’s got time for that! So often our days and weeks blend together in a blur of routine so stepping outside your regular and trying something new is definitely a good idea. If you don’t enjoy your life, who will, right?


Go on, have a mice day!

2. Use up that yarn stash

I follow enough knitters online to know that everyone has huge stashes of yarn hidden away in the depths of their homes. I am equally guilty and therefore rat her excited to return to my mountain of yarn once this great knitted adventure is over. Yarnbombs are the perfect way to use up that random skein or that half ball from last years Christmas knits. Remember if you’re making your first Yarnbomb, the bigger and chunkier the yarn the faster your progress. Just saying.

yarnbomb, knitfitti

The Bugbomb of Gander, Newfoundland

3. Practise speed knitting

I like knitting for yarnbombs because it’s more outcome vs detail focused, so I’m not bothered if I make a small error or drop a stitch. This allows me the flexibility to play with speed without feeling any risk of compromising the project. Have you ever fantasized about speed knitting but then felt like you didn’t have the time to practise? Well then this is your opportunity.


Chillingate in Twillingate, Newfoundland

4. Beautify your community

Knitting for your community will make your environment more colourful and playful, and provide surprising opportunities to connect with people you normally wouldn’t. If you are worried about how it will be received, string something up for your own property and gauge the response. Regardless of where you install though, be sure to maintain and remove your knitting when the time comes.


Up, up and Away in Georgetown, Malaysia

5. Challenge your skills

Yarnbombs can be as simple or complex as you like so take an accurate self assessment of your skills and push yourself a bit. The internet is basically a trove of free patterns and knitting inspiration so go forth and find that just-right challenge. Almost everything I knit comes from free online patterns and for every unfamiliar stitch required for these patterns, there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials.


Elephant Yarnbomb in Laos

If the idea of yarnbombing or making knitfitti is something that sets your heart aflutter, check out my recent guest post on Wooly Ventures, entitled From Knitter to Yarnbomber in 5 Easy Steps.

Now obviously I could rattle on with plenty more good reasons to yarnbomb but what interests me is what you think is a good reason to take up your needles? Perhaps there is something that I missed? Take a moment, scratch your noodle and let me know in the comment section below or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram-as I’m sure you know by now I love yarning on about this.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Make a Yarnbomb Today

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Fun! I loved seeing your yarnbombs from around the world… Especially the ones in Newfoundland, because I’ve wanted to go there for years! I think projects like this are great for dealing with northern hemisphere winters – they brighten up the streets, and hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces. Keep up the good work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Twillingart says:

      Thank you so much! Newfoundland is a pretty magical place- I hope you do get to visit someday. Ill be back on the Rock in the New Year so let me know if you do find your way there!

      Liked by 1 person

      • crawcraftsbeasties says:

        Will do! 😀 I had high hopes of getting away somewhere this year and it just didn’t happen… Hopefully that means I can justify twice as many holidays next year! Enjoy the rest of your travels 😀


  2. Susanne says:

    Those are great reasons! You seriously have me convinced – I can’t wait to find some good yarn bombing patterns to start with and start decorating everywhere! Also I wish I could’ve seen your yarn bomb instalment up close in Penang – I was there for over a month back in June/July!


    • Twillingart says:

      Hey Susanne, thanks for the comment. It makes me so happy to think you could soon be yarnbombing! Wasnt the street art in Penang so, so good!? If I ever write a post on how to get inspired to make street art, I’de definitely include “Visit Penang” as a tip. I’ve tasked a friend to check on the yarnbomb I made for there, so we’ll soon know if it survived and thus whether you may have unknowingly passed it in your travels! What a lucky girl you are to have spent a whole month soaking that incredible place up!


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