A Yoga Yarnbomb

Continuing on the Optimize Happiness streak launched on International Yarnbomb day, I am pleased to introduce the latest in the Rock Vandals Knitfitti wellness series: The Yoga Yarnbomb!

You may have heard that yoga is good for the mind and body, but have you heard why? In today’s hyper connected world where we are cultured towards busyness, yoga provides an opportunity to stretch the body and stabilize the mind by focusing on the breath, chakras or the pose itself. This union between mind and body soothes the nervous system and cultivates a sense of peace and harmony with the world around us; who wouldn’t want that? Training the mind to focus and learning how to relax the body is the essence of yoga. Imagine how your life could improve with consistent access to increased mental power and an overall greater sense of ease.


Yogic philosophy even states that with advanced practise you can awaken a powerful latent energy, Kundalini, which typically lies dormant at the base of the spine. This awakening is said to bring about spiritual enlightenment or the intelligence of complete maturation and is often represented by two inter-coiled snakes rising up vertically.

The wellness world is in full agreement that yoga is an important contributor to a well balanced life that can bring a wide array of physical, emotional and spiritual health benefits to anyone who practices regularly. Regardless of your reasons for practising yoga (fitness, wellness or enlightenment) believing that you have an untapped, powerful energy force within you is incredibly motivational and a philosophy that should be encouraged. Thus, this is the intended goal of the Yoga Yarnbomb, to remind passerbys of the abundant and available life force within them and to encourage them to pursue it!

Yoga Yarnbomb rising

The Yoga Yarnbomb was installed on July 28th and will be up until Aug 7th, on the dirt road that leads to Bovy Beach and Gaia Yoga on Koh Phangan island, Thailand. This is the first time I totally winged the pattern and even though it’s only two snakes and thus rather introductory, I am still proud!

Definetely let me know if you come across this goodie, here for a limited time only.

The Yoga Yarnbomb in all its splendor


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