Advice giving Mice

When people say, “if these walls could talk” they are suggesting that the space has an exciting history with great stories to share. This project expands on this idea, reaching through the walls  and drawing forth mice who can talk!

These two mice join the decor of two of my favourite places in Koh Lanta, Thailand each utilizing plastic bags for stuffing and pancake-skewers for signposts. It is difficult to keep a lid on waste production while travelling so it was with double pleasure that I discovered the additional utility of these items otherwise headed for the bin.

The first can be found at Love Music Bar in Baan Saladan, a hammock filled, beachside bar with a super welcoming and generous owner, Joe.


Joe at Love Music Bar with the Love Music Mouse



Love Music Mouse at centre stage of the Love Music Bar

The Mice to Meet you Mouse awaits discovery at the reception desk of Bee Bees bungalows, an incredibly cool bamboo-bungalow resort which draws in an eclectic mix of travellers looking to explore absolute relaxation. Bee Bees is a meeting place for the world and truly couldnt be any ‘micer’! It was a real joy to hang out here, meeting the owners and everyone passing through.




Field mouse ready to bop you on the head!

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