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3 Blind Mice

Deadly Knitshade is my celebrity yarnbomb hero, and while reading her interview in Craftivism I learned that she has a penchant for knitted mice. This information came to my attention awhile ago but only recenly re-surfaced as relevant when a lifestyle change necessitated a serious paring down of my knitting stash (yes, cue the sympathy symphony).

Knitting mice suddenly seemed like a grand way to continue to weave my opinion into the streets I was exploring, while keeping with the plan of minimalism. They fit the bill for a few reasons, as they require few materials and serve as a nod to my mentor, Deadly K. And as we all know, while mice are tiny they have the ability to elecit quite the reaction and when you are taking your knitting to the streets this is exactly what you are after!  Thus it is with great enthusiasm that I introduce the three blind mice, distributed far and wide and each calling for social action. Behold mice in Gander, New York and Thailand!

Have a Mice Day installed in Gander airport on Dec 1, 2015. 

 End the Rat Race on stopover in New York, noticed by precicely 0 people during the 1 hr layover.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, knitting is not a popular passtime in Thailand-could have to do with the tropical climate which is not conducive to sheep rearing or shearing-as a result this could be the first knitfitti in Thailand’s history!

Hua Hin is a seaside town about a four hour commute from Bangkok that has a strong arts community which is clearly demonstrated through the various galleries and widespead street art scene.  End the Rat Race was installed on the main tourist strip and lived free for a few short hours. Its hard to say what happened to her from here but it’s guaranteed that she’s on an adventure.

Street art in Hau Hin, artist unknown.


End the Rat Race installed in Hua Hin on Dec 9, 2015. Pattern courtesy of Deadly Knitshade available here.  Cat pole-artist unknown.

There will be more mice-i have more yarn-so stay tuned and if you too are a lover of puns please feel free to share clever signs for future mice advice!

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