It’s Chillingate time!

When the clocks fall back Twillingate shifts into winter mode, which calls for strict adherence to a schedule of crafts and warm drinks. This is also high season for yarn bombing but the stars, the sun and the moon have to align for projects to make it to the streets-yes, i am referencing the +100 km/hr winds and freeze that Twillingate has been enjoying as of late.



This project was initiated at the Knit and Yoga in March and came to fruition through the generous efforts of both new and seasoned Rock Vandals! A very warm welcome is extended to the new Vandals, and a hearty thanks is reserved for the continued efforts of the seasoned vets. What an impressive gang of knitters we are!

Yarn-bomb, Twillinate, newfoundland, street art, canada

A 10 ft tall yarn bomb!



This yarn bomb is massive and had it not been for the freezing ‘summer’ temperatures (it was very conducive to knitting so one cant complain too loudly), it would have taken another 6 months to finish it!  Alas, it was completed and installed on Nov 11, 2015.

This beauty can be found on Hospital lane at the foot of the Water-tower; when you find it, dress up your in warmest kit and send or tweet us a pic, #Chillingate!

Water tower love

Stay tuned for more yarn bombing and street art adventures:
The Rock Vandals are soon going on an international adventure!

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