0 Lives Remaining

If you love surprises, then stop reading, put your screen away and go hike Lower Head Trail- you’ll be happy you did. Perhaps you hate surprises, if this is the case then it’s best to stay home. But, if you fit into the one other group, those who like surprises when they are paired with immediate gratification, then congratulations today is your lucky day. You have just stumbled upon a rare and wonderful thing; an art hike where the hike bit has been conveniently removed.

Lower Head:
Lower Head trail is a fairly strenuous 30 minute hike just outside of Crow Head. It begins with a steep stair climb and then winds along an ocean-side path, ending with a grassy perch high above the sea. This is where the surprise awaits. You wont need GPS coordinates, a metal detector, or a smart phone to find it, just open eyes.


With open eyes, you may take note of your ability to moderate your perspective. Undoubtably you will notice what an immersive experience it is to stand on the edge of the earth, and hopefully this will lead you to consider the effect of ‘plugging’ into nature vs a virtual reality.


Ultimately, this piece is intended as a gentle reminder of the fact you get just one life to play so get out and enjoy it. While I have now spoiled the surprise of what awaited hikers this afternoon, one can’t be certain of what you will find tomorrow.
This piece was generously donated by Tronon&on.


7 thoughts on “0 Lives Remaining

  1. paul stodolny says:

    What a great project you have started.
    As my father and I hiked the lower head trail in Crow Head we were very surprised to stumble upon your piece of art. We had to find out what it was all about. We needed to know if our interpretation of your statement was accurate. Sure enough we were right; The need for people to just unplug for a little while and enjoy the majestic beauty that nature has to offer. Thank you for the little riddle. Good luck with everything.
    Paul and Bill Stodolny from Brampton, ON.


    • Twillingart says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your message. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it, its great to get feedback! If you’re still in town you should check out the newest- Old Manolis and the Sea. Safe travels!.


  2. Heidi Scarfone says:

    FOUND IT!! My husband actually found it and thought it was some garbage…”no. no, no” we have to find out what it is about and check out the website! We went to The Blue Barrel gift shop and told the ladies about it and they were so excited for us. Joelle looked up the website and , voila, there was the “treasure:” It sits beside me as I type this note and will be returned soon to it’s wonderful and serene site to be discovered by some other kindred spirits who chose to live the day to the fullest and hike the amazing trails of Twillingate..great idea my friend(s)..continue the surprises for one day YOU, too will discover one of my hand painted treasures where you least expect it…


    • Twillingart says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Heidi; I’m delighted that you continued the exploration into the virtual world and didn’t throw the project away! I am very much looking forward to finding your gift to the community-please send me a clue when you find the perfect spot!


  3. Heidi says:

    The art has been returned to it’s secret place…I hope that someone else has as much fun finding it as I did…still have to hide my rock..I will keep you posted…fun times!!

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