All U Knit is Love

The double entendre of this ‘post’ tickles me pink! And, I really do believe both possible interpretations (knitting is an act of love/ love is all you need) should be projected into the atmosphere and shared with the community.


Public spaces are increasingly marked by advertising and billboards, all encouraging consumerism in some way. Street art is often considered a reaction to this commercial encroachment as creative energy is gifted with the sole purpose of surprising and delighting an unexpecting onlooker.


“All U Knit is Love” can be found tucked behind AGA Variety, patiently awaiting discovery.
If you do happen to stumble upon it, be sure to breathe in the ocean air and reflect on the great loves of your life, including your good fortune to be in Twillingate where the skyline is marked not by billboards but by icebergs, cliffs and endless ocean.

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