Potholes of Gold

There are a few things that unite all human-kind; they are love, enjoyment of a fine view and, hatred for potholes. And tis the season for potholes.

Across the northern hemisphere, we are all joyfully welcoming signs of spring and unfortunately potholes are one of them. Human nature dictates that we all respond to the challenges of life differently, some of us will get angry and some of us will get even. The Rock Vandals choose to get even, in the ‘level’ sense of the word; breaking free from their ties of yarn, the Rock Vandals are also getting literal.

Pothole Art:
Pothole art is a mischievous form of street art, it’s literally art in the street and it may help you confront your ‘deep’ hatred for potholes by introducing an alternate emotion, besides rage or indifference, to direct towards them.

Pothole Artists: 
Wanksy recently made headlines in the UK by spray painting penises around potholes in an effort to expedite their repair and draw attention to road safety for cyclists. A couple from Montreal created imaginative scenes around potholes for a photo-series in an effort to re-imagine their purpose. Others have chosen to turn them into gardens or mosaics.

The Rock Vandals have taken to the streets creating ‘Potholes of Gold’ to draw attention to the poor state of the roads, while remaining true to their mission of bringing a bit of fun and colour to Twill-town. While pedestrians may be best suited to appreciate the reference, motorists will certainly enjoy a smoother, perhaps even more luxurious, ride.





4 thoughts on “Potholes of Gold

  1. Bonnie Rogers says:

    I wish the potholes to Grand Falls had been filled with gold instead of snow this morning !!!!!!What a bad drive. The gold in town looks great!!


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