Signs of Spring are here!

According to the calendar, Spring has sprung but rumour is we still have a couple more months to endure before winter entirely releases its icy grip. Many Newfoundlanders dont believe spring graces their fair province, instead tout(on)ing the idea that winter simply dissolves into summer in July and then returns with a vengeance in October.


While it may feel that way some early mornings, spring is definetely upon us and the signs are everywhere. Signs like muddy boots, the return of ‘pet’ carpenter bugs, sunsets at 8 pm and brave shoots on indoor plants are slowly making their presence know.

Be sure to pay close attention to traffic signs too

Stop and smell the…signs?

Gaia doesnt phone, use email or twitter but she manages to send the message of awakening out regardless, perhaps more effectively than we could if tasked with the job.  These signs of spring hide in plain sight, gently encouraging us to pay attention to the little things, things like the sound of run-off, the warmth of the  sun and the sogginess of the earth.

Break up in Twillingate harbour

Break up in Twillingate harbour

If it feels like winter is eternal then challenge yourself to take note of the signs around you.  Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Twillingate where the signs literally stop you in your tracks, but you can search them out in your own life or knit them up your community. Directions to make your own Signs of Spring can be found here; you can also read about the man who knit up 100 signs to beautiful his city but didn’t get the love he deserved.

All signs point to Spring

All signs point to Spring in Twillingate


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