Knitting the Community Together: Knit and Yoga

This has been a monumental week in the Rock Vandals short history…or ‘herstory’, if you will.

The Vandals came out from under their rock yesterday and launched their first ‘Knit the Community Together’ initiative via a Knit and Yoga retreat, and it was a massive success!

29 impressive yogi’s and knitters came out to share food, movement and the joy of knitting the community together- and it was a ball. Twillingaters can now expect a serious rise in ‘gang-related activity’ as many women took their needles to the streets, and then home with them.

Special thanks goes out to:

HiphipHurray4Crochet for her visionary and very speedy crochet work,
RockVandal’s #1 Assistant for her excellent photography and assistant skills,
Knit2Together, a mother-daughter team from Down the Arm,
Rev. P* for her promotion and generous donation of everything possible (P*= Purl)
AND the 24 others who participated with the spirit of anonymity; to avoid future gang wars be sure to comment below with your Rock Vandals knit-name.

The fun was off the hook yesterday so stay tuned for another Knit the Community Together event, and in the mean time, enjoy these few pics and be sure to knit-well.

Crochet starfish by Hiphiphurray4Crochet

Crochet starfish by Hiphiphurray4Crochet


The Feast, courtesy of everyone

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